Map: Shrine of Dee

The Shrine of Dee is a dungeon in the familiar Dyson Logo’s style. Feel free to use this map however you wish in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (more information at the bottom). I would love to know what people get up to with it, how it goes that sort of thing. I’ve tried it out in Owlbear.Rodeo and it works nicely with a grid set at 43×59. Let me know if you think shade of blue of the page is a bit dark, but I tend to favour darker images (saves on eye strain… I think).


I designed this map for my current campaign. It is a shrine to a sea god called Dee (named after the river I grew up near in North Wales). The shrine was built on a shoreline which was devastated by a calamity eons ago which buryied/sank the shrine.

I based the design loosely on a Cambodian temple Banteay Kdei, which I visited nearly 10 years ago…

Me at the Angkor Thom UNESCO World Heritage Site 2012
Probably not Banteay Kdei I visited alot of temples in three days!
Grid: 43×59

The Shrine of Dee itself was eventually revealed following a series of eartquakes. Strangely the structure has largely been unharmed by millenia underground or water. But where it had “something” had tunnelled through to other undamaged areas.


I havent actually planned much for this map. I just like the idea of an underwater map. In a previous campaign I have managed to run some successful marine based adventures/side quests and I always find them fun. I’ve also loved water based temples etc. even since I first played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past as a child. But as I mentioned in my Tomb of the Nine map post. My players are treasure hunters of sorts… its complicated… so their purpose for visiting a recently uncovered shrine could be quite simple… booty! They might also appreciate a quick dip in and out adventure as a break from the hurdy gurdy of the main campaign. But I couldn’t make it easy for them though. No. Not easy!

I was thinking of populating it with Koa Toa or Sahuagin to begin with, perhaps even a homebrewed monster lurking in the depths of one of the dipping pools. I’m typically not a big fan of traps. The few times I’ve added them in the past hasn’t been recieved very well, and what I feared would happen (constant “I check for traps”) whilst wandering tunnels became tiresome. So I wouldn’t add any hiddden traps personally, but I would add obivious traps and pitch them as potentially fatal puzzles. I would probably do this in the tunnels to the chamber to the east or south east where I’m likely to put a settlement of which ever enemy I decide. Reward wise I would probably keep it simple, an idol in the shrines main chamber. Probably released via a puzzle, or it has in fact been taken by the local inhabitants thus forcing the party into my meticulously designed puzzle trap.

They are just my thoughts and ideas about the dungeon. I would love to hear yours! Hope you enjoy and if you use the map let me know how you get on.

Creative Commons License
All work on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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