Map: Tomb of the Nine

The Tomb of the Nine is my first pop at making a dungeon in the familiar Dyson Logo’s style. I am a big fan of his art style, especially the earlier work. That’s not to say I dislike the newer stuff of his which is of enviable quality. In contrast my maps are amateur, but with time and practice brings skill so I hope one day to have as refined and inspiring art style as Dyson’s (*far off happy sigh*).

Feel free to use this map however you wish in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (more information at the bottom). I would love to know what people get up to with it, how it goes that sort of thing. I’ve tried it out in Owlbear.Rodeo quickly and it works nicely with a grid set at 43×59. I havent produced a grided version of the map but if people are interested/want one I can do that no problem!

Anyway to the map:


The Tomb of the Nine is a large subterranean space! Consisting of a variety of generous sized rooms for all your wants and needs. It includes a labyrinth for fun with all the family, a library, galleries and statue halls, prayer rooms come service halls, ample storage, a water well and offices for the holymen who tend the tomb (apologies I am house hunting at the moment and all the house adds may have rubbed off on me).

Grid: 43×59


The Tomb of the Nine contains the bodies of the nine children of a mad king. The people of his nation were so fraught with grief following their mysterious demise, their religious leaders ordered the construction of a tomb. The king however was enraged. He believed that the priests were members of an evil cult who had poisoned his children, and were plotting to over throw him by entrapping him in the tomb during the consecration. He did permit its construction however, and bided his time. Upon its completion the king ordered the priests to give a ceremonial tour of his children’s final resting place. As they entered, the Kings guards sealed the tomb shut after them. They were instructed by their monarch to open when they heard a secret knock on the door. One year later, when no knock came, the tomb was reopened and they found it empty and deathly quiet. Since then few have entered, and those who do, do not return.


The scope for encounters in this dungeon are quite interesting. Although my players are SESSIONS away from ever entering it, I love a good moral dilema so I was thinking of having the party decide whether the priests were or were not the perpetrators of the children’s murder, or if the king was a crazed lunatic sending the nation to hell in a handcart and needed to be stopped. My party are treasure hunters so I was going to give the king and priests a mythic item each that the players could win for defeating the respective enemy. These mythic items would be related to a decision else where in the campaign e.g. Item 1 is wanted by faction A. Meanwhile Item 2 is required by Faction B, getting one and not the other would result in a significant shift in the campaigns direction.

I was planning on populating it with a lich for the head priest with other undead magic casters etc. The undead king and a troope of guards to accompany him. Various creatures such as giant spiders, a few oozes, maybe a mimic in the gallery or library. Depending on how I felt at the time I might make it that the tomb’s dual ritual rooms were being used to summong a dual-demon one in each room (in my world they aren’t really demons but that’s for another post). Or maybe the king was transformed into a minotaur like creature.

They are just my thoughts and ideas about the dungeon. I would love to hear yours! Hope you enjoy and if you use the map let me know how you get on.

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