Map: The Brobdingnagian


This map was a labour of love for me. I built it in Inkscape, then ported it over as SVG to Krita to add a bit of detail to the background. I wanted a “blueprint” style map of a cruise liner that travels between two continents. But I also wanted to make some assets to flesh it out a bit. I originally based the design on that most famous cruise ship the HMS Titanic and the SS Rex.

My ships name is play on the Titanic as the brobdingnagian means huge or gigantic.

The reason for making this map is quite protracted. In my current Eberron-esque campaign my party have devloped a fetish for blowing up every airship they come into contact with! So I decided to pop them in an environment where death and destruction were unlikely and definitely not permitted. I also framed this “environment” aka the Brob, with the necessity to go undercover and play roles other than their own in order to successfully infultrate a gang of sophistacated art thieves at their destination… this has required my players to behave themselves aboard!

This map is also a monster (92×66). I designed it for use on Owlbear Rodeo.


The Brobdingnagian consists of four main decks:

  1. Top Deck for “Diamond Class” guests who stay in the Staterooms, the Ballroom and Diamond Class – Smoking room or lounge. This is an elegant deck with commanding views from the promanade across the ocean scape. It has stairs leading down to a private bow (front) and stern (rear) of the ship. Access to lower decks is granted via stairs in the between the staterooms and smoking room and ballroom.
  2. Deck A is home to the “First Class” passengers and includes a Coiffure (hairdresser), a library containing a range of text but mostly stocked with a series of steamy novels called Bills and Moon’s Naughty Adventures. There is also the First and Diamond class dinning hall. A first class smoking room or bar, and the helm. The deck hosts a port (left) and starboard (right promenade that houses lifeboats.
  3. Deck B is home to the Second class passengers and is not as refined as the Top Deck or Deck A. The majority of the deck is given over to accomodation which is rather cramped in comparison to the First and Diamond class. In essence consider this deck Steerage (cheapest accomodation). There is also the medical bay, mail (which is delivered frequently by swift airship) and two dinning halls for crew and passengers of either class and a spa.
  4. Deck C contains the crew quarters, baggage and cargo store. There is also laundry, the kitchen and a cold store. It is also home to the brig and access to the “deep deck” which is home to the ships engines (there is to be a seperate map for this).

In time I will write up a more detailed description with some plot ideas. You can download all the maps (Gridded, ungridded, labelled, unlabelled, and just a text map for quick reference) below.


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