Map: Ishallan Slave Pits


This little map took just over two days (one draw, one and bit to edit, colour and stylise). It’s purpose for being is for a future “encounter” in my current campaign. My players are currently travelling to the City of Ishalla via the Brobdingnagian. They’ve learned from fellow passengers, Ishalla is the City of Silk, and is renown for its art and culture. Think “twisted” Paris, that’s what I was aiming for. A big component of the cities economy is the Slave trade. A legally sanctioned but clandestine practice, the cities slave trade has been running for centuries and has evolved into something akin to a cult. It’s secreted underground with tunnel access to a private beach where slaves can be brought in or out.

I havent added many asset details to the map, largely because I’ve not had the time to draw them and style them out properly. I have though been experimenting with colouring, and effects on Gimp. I’ve been trying to give the maps a sense of life and depth, that than just the plain old flat colour style. However, there is something very satisfying about the line drawing versions as well.


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