Professional Interests

  • Dyslexia: At first I was drawn to this topic due to my own experience of dyslexia. Now however, having spent a couple of years studying and researching the disorder I hope to investigate dyslexia further, especially it’s effects in adulthood.
  • Computer programming: I am relatively new to coding, I am currently developing my programming skills in R, HTML, CSS, JS, and Python. 

Personal Interests

  • Dogs: I have two whippets, Benny and Tilda. They are my best buddies best pals.
  • Cooking: I like to cook all sorts of food! Everything from Roast Dinners to Sushi.
  • Reading: Despite a painfully slow reading speed (thanks dyslexia!) I love reading, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy.
  • Travelling: Since starting university I have not traveled much due to work/internships or study. Places of interest include the Scandinavian region, East Asia, and the America’s especially Canada.
  • TTRPGs and Games During lockdown a group of friends, Adam and I got together to play D&D online. We play regularly and it’s great fun! Definitely a new hobby.

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