Student Mentoring

I offer face to face & online mentoring in the following subjects:

  • Research Methods and Statistics
  • Study Skills (for GCSE to Degrees)
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Practice

I left school at 17, and worked in the pub industry ever since, re-entering education at 30 was daunting and difficult. Also as someone with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia I know how hard it is to grasp new and complex topics. Therefore I like to use a variety of techniques to engage those I work with and give them a broader sense of understanding of the topics. Using this mentality I have mentored a number of students and have included some testimonials here:

“Although I am an international student, his tutoring was really understandable because his pronunciation is clear and often uses visual materials for teaching. Also, he tried to answer my questions kindly whenever I asked. He had own plans for every session but it was so flexible so we did not need to be worried about proceeding without understanding.”

Nozomi Oyama, MSc Clinical Psychology

Caspar is patient and encouraging. He makes stats easy to understand and has a unique ability to inspire confidence. He make’s sure you understand the current material before moving to the next topic. Simply put, Caspar, you are an awesome teacher and without your help I would not have passed my stats

Ivama Newman, MSc Psychological Research

In the past I have tutored in small groups, but in the wake of Covid-19 and lockdown. I am in the process of developing online mentoring through Microsoft Teams. If you are interested please get in touch:

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