Map: Fortress of Dzein


It’s been a while since my last post, but a lot has happened. I’ve started a new job and I’m working more at the pub my partner manages. We’ve also decided to move 200 miles away. So things have been hectic so what time I’ve had free has been spent house hunting, pouring pints or sleeping. Anyway some semblance of a routine has started to manifest and so I’ve dedicated today (a rare day off) to complete this map I started just after the Bariousha Peaks. This time I’ve done something different yet again! I’ve made a player version, DM version with room tags and secret doors marked, and I’ve written an information booklet about the Fortress, including a bit of blurb about its people and the layout. You can download it at the end of the post.

The map of the fortress with and without the DM details.


The Fortress of Dzein is the home to the Dzein clan of dwarfs. They are, as dwarfs often are, secretive and aloof. They are ruled by the beloved king Duatin Dzein VIII and he is an ambitious ruler who has expanded both his kingdoms mining operations and their exports. However, this has begun to draw more attention to the kingdom which for centuries has remained just under the radar of other nations.

But rather than bore you all with extensive explanations of the fortress here I’ve opted to put together a little .zip file that contains:

  1. Fortress of Dzein Map with Notes
  2. Fortress of Dzein Map without Notes (for players)
  3. Fortress of Dzein Information Booklet

The information booklet is packed full of room descriptions, plot hooks and general information about the world I’ve set my campaign and my maps in. To download the Maps please click on the button below.


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